Tories Blowing £100k a Month on Facebook Ads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Files obtained by the BBC show that the Conservatives are spending over £100,000 on Facebook advertising in some months, with the party blowing £122,814 on ads on the social network last September alone.

Data filed in the aftermath of the Newark by election shows how much more expensive Facebook advertising can be than traditional voter enticement methods too, with the party spending £372 on party balloons to make voting seem exciting -- but a whopping £2,800 on "digital" ads to promote its candidate to the masses.

The invoices show just how ineffective the advertising is in shaping opinions, with one number showing it spent £11,854 on acquiring just 4040 "likes" on the site. A figure one of today's social media vloggers could obliterate for free, in 30 seconds, by posting a video of them cutting their toenails. [BBC]

Image credit: Polling booth from Shutterstock