Tottenham Court Road's Paolozzi Murals are now Decorating a Skip Somewhere

By Gary Cutlack on at

Protesters trying to save the iconic mural archway art inside Tottenham Court Road station are aghast at news of their destruction, with a spokesmen speaking on behalf of the renovation team confirming that three of the four tunnel entrance arches have already been pulled down.

Installed in the early 1980s, Eduardo Paolozzi's modernist mosaics brightened up the grim passageways of the old station, with the most spectacular part being the four archways that welcomed travellers to the escalators.

Despite the efforts of a petition, a London Underground man explained: "Unfortunately they could not be retained as the structure that they sat on was supported by the roof, which has now been removed to enable the station to be expanded to meet increasing demand as London’s population grows." [Standard]