Trains Getting Free Wi-Fi in 2017 (Even If You Still Don't Get a Seat)

By Gerald Lynch on at

David Cameron has announced at Prime Minister's Questions that the government will commit to upgrading the UK's train network with free Wi-Fi connections for all passengers by 2017. So, while you still might not be able to get a seat on the way home from work, at least you can complain about it on Twitter without disruption.

Answering a conveniently-poised question from fellow Tory cabinet minister Maria Miller, the connectivity improvements would cost £50 million, but are hoped to improve productivity for train-hopping businessman up and down the land.

It's not yet clear who will be providing the train network', but we'd prefer using carrier pigeons to coughing up for the over-priced, under spec'd services that existing Wi-Fi-enabled trains are equipped with.