Uber Driver "Dumped Woman on Motorway" in Destination Dispute

By Gary Cutlack on at

A woman claims she was kicked out of her Uber ride next to an emergency phone on the A12 at 3 o'clock in the morning, after trying to cancel her trip mid-journey.

According to Vice, she said of the trip: "I was taking the cab on my way out to a party to watch my brother DJing. Only, he rang me and said not to bother coming as it was too late, so I asked the driver to take me home," but the driver asked her to select a new destination in the app and, instead, she accidentally cancelled the entire booking.

Things allegedly turned a bit frosty from then on, with the traveller explaining: "He raised his voice, turned back towards me and waved his finger around, telling me that I'd 'closed his line' and he wasn't going to get paid for this," before he threw her out, at 3:00am, and the police ended up giving her a lift home. [Vice via Standard]

Image credit: UK motorway from Shutterstock