Valentine's Day: A Last Minute Guide on Not Spending it With Your Hand

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We know, we know -- it's a scam. Overpriced cards, watered down champagne, puke-worthy twee stuff everywhere. But there's no avoiding it -- Valentine's Day is every bit the money-grabbing institution. And, sadly, it's one that half the country seems to have bought into. So, in an attempt to play nice and avoid dying a lonely, bitter husk, you've got to take part.

But that doesn't mean you can't be savvy about it! Our pals over at Lifehacker UK have been diving into the deepest, darkest corners of February 14th so you don't have to, pulling together all the guides you could need to ensure that the day isn't a complete, heart-breaking disaster.

Even if it's just you and your hand spending some quality time together tomorrow, the folks over at Lifehacker UK got you covered. Covered in what exactly...well that's up to you.

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...and one more, just in case you've truly cocked it up and will only have yourself for company tomorrow..

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