Watch HTC's Hype Video Spit All Sorts of Rap Illness at Apple and Samsung

By Matt Hill on at

Squatting somewhere between the game of Run The Jewels and the bling of Watch The Throne are Hold The Crown, hip-hop's latest dynamic duo featuring Greg 'Doc G' Carr and… HTC America marketing bloke David Bruce.

Yes, HTC, eking the last legs out of its rather good One M8 smartphone before the inevitable HTC One M9 is launched relatively soon-ish, has created a literal hype video for its current flagship.

Half so-bad-it's-good, half so-bad-it's-actually-awful, the two-and-a-half minute tune/skit at least features the three core components of any good rap battle:

The Aggrandising of One's Abilities

The Bigging Up of Homies

The Dissing of One's Rivals

Indeed, the latter involves such harsh burns to Samsung and Apple as, "We own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated" (*sizzle*) and "Your phone was all glass/Why you changed your tune now?/Your chip is slower/But you’ll never touch our BoomSound."

Oooh, take that Fresh Tim and Ivey Ive. We're sure they have Dre cooking up a response on GarageBand already in Iovine's gold record-plated office. Trent could do the remixes.

Anyway, get a load of the desperately-wants-to-go-viral here:

[Cult of Android]