What Watch Do You Have Strapped to Your Wrist Right Now?

By Matt Hill on at

Like, this second. Do you even wear one? Is it "smart", whatever you consider that to mean?

With a generation of Android-powered wearables getting to grips with what they can do, performance sportswear firms strapping vital data to our limbs and the headline-grabbing Apple Watch approaching strap-up time, there's going to be a whole lot more tech talk about the battle for our wrists in the coming months. But where are we right now? What do you look for in an arm-mounted pal?

I've personally always dabbled with the most silly of timepieces, growing up like so many on a diet of Dick Tracy and cheap plastic. From basic calculator watches to a Casio Heli-Fighter I found in my local park when I was in primary school, on which you can play a very effective two-button version of cod-Harrier Attack on the fly, anything that bleeps or creaks has found a way on to my wrist.

A Nixon Dork that spits out numbers at a press, a Mutewatch that subtly blinks the time at you, a Will Alsop for Alessi architectural LCD cuff, or a Tokyoflash Kisai that is so over-designed it's almost unreadable.

So I should, by all the rights of tech, be all over smartwatches, but I'm not so far. Gerald may have upgraded his Boba Fett flip-top watch to an LG G Watch R, but its sheer G-Shock-topping size is a problem for me. I'm a fan of the Withings Activité in how refined it looks, and its streamlined use, but it's pricey for what is a pretty large halfway house between fashion and function. So at the moment I tend to stick to London brand Uniform Wares, despite the only smarts being in looks and mechanisms.

Have you embraced smartwatches? Are you a style icon with wads in your back pocket who will only go classic and traditional? When you glance at your wrist do you just see skin, hairs and dreams? Upload a snap and let us know below…

Top Image Credit: watch at Shutterstock (edited)