'World's First' Speed-Vaping Event to be Held in Hackney

By Arthur T. Huffam on at

E-cigarette company Blu UK will next week descend on a hotel in Hoxton, pack a room full to the brim with singletons and vape sticks, get said singletons to chat and mingle while consuming nicotine vapour, and hope some of them hit it off.

Yep, this is speed-vaping. Loosely based on speed dating, but with vapes. Well, at least the name is pretty self-explanatory. The event is not, as the name could suggest, based around vaporising amphetamines, which would certainly make for an interesting evening.

Teaming up with Blu UK is self-styled 'dating guru' James Preece, who will presumably stroll around the event at the Hoxton Hotel telling people that they're doing it wrong, in the mission of "uniting lonely smokers and vapers".

The evening is structured around attendees switching between different flavour stations – booths containing vapes in cherry, menthol, classic tobacco and 'NRG' (taurine) flavours – while answering questions inspired by the vaporisers and their flavours. Is this all starting to sound more like a consumer-focus group to anyone else?

The hope is that, in the words of Guru Preece, the shared-vapour experience will "provide a real understanding of someone’s character" and lead to all sorts of romance. Ah yes, I can just see it now: "how did you know you would love Daddy forever Mummy?" before Mummy replies, "it was the moment that I knew we both liked sucking down clouds of cherry nicotine vapour that I knew he had to be mine".

If you would like to meet your future partner while feeling a little headrush-y, you want to get to The Hoxton Hotel on 24th February, 2015. Tickets required. For those aged 25-45.