Xbox One February 2015 Update Speeds Up Controller Syncing, Adds Game Hubs

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft's first Xbox One update of the year is a reasonably meaty one -- especially if you have the patience of a two-year-old that's just topped up on Haribo. Among a list of new and improved features, the console's wireless gamepads will now sync and fire up quicker than ever before, letting you get into a game (admittedly fractionally) faster.

The February 2015 update also adds the option of displaying transparent tiles, as well as introducing game hubs. These pull relevant information on a title (such as leaderboards and game clips) into one neat tile for a cleaner dashboard. There's now also the option to livestream TV via SmartGlass to Android and Windows devices, too.

The update, which has been rolling out slowly to Dashboard Preview Program members, will be going live for all users from today. [Xbox Wire]