300,000 People Publicly Admit to Liking Jeremy Clarkson

By Gary Cutlack on at

Jeremy Clarkson has been polarising opinion again, and this time it's something more serious than if shirts should be tucked into jeans or not when you're quite fat.

According to BBC sources a "fracas" between the podgy loudmouth and a producer of Top Gear has led to the presenter being suspended -- meaning all future episodes of the current series of Top Gear are presumed cancelled.

This has kicked the pro-Clarkson lobby into life, with men across the nation downing tools, wiping the grease off their hands and signing the petition to have him reinstated by the BBC -- else they'll have to watch Call the Midwife on Sundays instead. []

Update: As of 2pm on March 11th, the petition hasĀ 381,786 supporters.