Channel 4 Trades in 4OD for 'All 4' Rebrand, New Apps and Timed O2 Programme Exclusives

By Gary Cutlack on at

Channel 4's about to bin the 4OD name in a rejig of its online portal that'll introduce some all-new apps, plus there's some weird exclusive jiggery-pokery in place to give O2 subscribers short periods of exclusive access to new programmes.

As we've seen with previous versions of Channel 4's streaming stuff, it's coming to PC and iOS first -- on Monday March 30th. The new All 4 brand will completely replace the old 4OD icons, breaking the content down into three broad sections -- On Demand, Now and On Soon -- to cover all of today's various methods of watching Hollyoaks in secrecy.

Channel 4 says this makes all of its content "fully mobile" with the live and on-demand stuff accessible through 3G and 4G should you have a fat enough SIM, although that only counts for iOS users at first with the Android app given a vague arrival date of "across 2015."

And if you subscribe to an O2 mobile contract the network's O2 Priority scheme will let users access "some" Channel 4 programmes up to 48 hours before they're shown on TV, plus, to further sweeten the deal, there's a collection of Original Shorts on the All 4 service, with the mini shows saved for the exclusive enjoyment of online content consumers. [All 4 via TNW]