£8k Apple Watch Edition Comes With Queue-Jumping Golden Ticket

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those who blow comedy amounts of money on the Apple Watch Edition smartwatch that starts -- starts! -- at £8,000 in the UK will have some extra rewards, with sources claiming owners of the gold watches get to jump queues at Apple shops and will find themselves treated like royalty when visiting branches.

According to sources quoted by 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch Edition will be like some sort of insignia of awesomeness among the Apple crowd, with potential buyers allowed to jump the queue to speak with a staff member, handed an entire hour to sit in the VIP area having a play with one to see if it actually does anything of use, plus they'll be bumped to the front of the line when it comes to paying time.

It's the full David Beckham shopping experience, as you might expect when buying a watch for £8k.

That said, Apple's not taking any chances, even if your haircut and accent suggest massive inherited wealth. Buyers will only be allowed to try two Watch Edition devices at a time, just in case they grab them and run away. Store staff will be asked to "assess the store conditions" before bringing any additional units out of the back room safe, in case there's some sort of gentlemanly raid in progress. [9to5Mac via Engadget]