A Better Suitcase With a Roll-Up Lid That's Never in the Way

By Andrew Liszewski on at

It means you'll be sacrificing a bit of storage space, but Fabbrica Pelletterie Milano's new Nendo-designed Kame suitcase has a clever segmented lid that rolls up when opened so it's not constantly falling down on you while you're trying to find a specific shirt. It also means you can open the suitcase in tight spaces, like in the back of a taxi, if you're trying to find a jacket or stow one.

But that's not the only cool trick that will have you wanting to upgrade your current carry-on to the Kame. The lid can be unzipped from the top as well while the case is standing, so you can reach in and grab something without the contents of your luggage emptying out onto the airport floor. And because the lid is soft and flexible, there's a greater chance you squeeze more clothing in while still getting it zipped shut.

A Better Suitcase With a Roll-Up Lid That's Never In the Way

The Kame bag also has a built-in cable lock that can be used to secure its zipper pulls and keep baggage handlers out of your stuff. But it also means you can lock the bag up somewhere, like to the legs of a table you're dining at, and not have to worry about someone easily snatching it when you're not looking.

Pricing details haven't been revealed just yet, but when available the bag will come in four pastel colours making it easier to spot on a luggage carousel for those times when you have no choice but to check your bag. [Nendo via designboom]