A Low Power Mode Could Solve the Apple Watch's Biggest Flaw

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've heard a lot of good things about the upcoming Apple Watch, but we've also heard a lot of bad things. The most worrisome have been the reports claiming that the device will have an atrocious battery life. Thankfully there are murmurs that there will have a low power mode to try and fix that.

According to sources speaking to the New York Times, the Apple Watch will come bundled with a low power mode called 'Power Reserve' that is designed to keep the watch working for as long as possible. The one problem? Apparently switching on Power Reserve means that your £300+ Apple Watch will only tell you the time.

The sources also claim that at one point Apple was considering including solar power on the phone to help boost its lifespan, but ultimately the idea was scrapped. That certainly would have been useful, but it is overly reliant on it actually being a nice day.

I have very mixed feelings about this. Having a low power mode to save battery is certainly a good idea, especially if it's a feature that will automatically turn on once the Apple Watch's battery level falls below a certain level. But there's absolutely no point paying up for a smartwatch if all it's going to do is tell the time.

Obviously until the launch event on the 9th of March we're not going to know what sort of battery life the Apple Watch actually has. The general consensus is that you'll have to charge it up daily, but that's no different from most of the big name Android Wear watches.

Hopefully the Apple Watch will last a day of regular use, and Power Reserve will be kept for the special occasions that you need to keep your watch going for a little while longer. [New York Times via TechRadar]