A New Series of The X-Files is Being Beamed Down

By Gerald Lynch on at

"Things are getting strange I'm starting to worry! Back on my TV are Mulder and Scully!"

So will sing Catatonia's Cerys Matthews, if the lovely-voiced DJ and singer knows a cash cow ripe for milking, that is. The X-Files is back! After a thirteen year absence from our TVs, US network Fox has announced a six-episode "event series" is to begin filming this summer. David 'Fox Mulder' Duchovny and Gillian 'Dana Scully' Anderson are set to reprise their key roles, with series creator/executive producer Chris Carter overseeing the project.

Mulder and Scully's last case together was a little more recent than their final TV outing however, with the pair appearing in 2008's cinema release, The X-Files: I Want To Believe.

Already a year in the making, there's no word of an air date yet, but with production ready to ramp up, it can't be that far into the future. In other recently-resurrected cult TV news, David Lynch's Twin Peaks is also heading back to our screens, with a tentative release schedule of some point in 2016. Though production is rumoured to be progressing worryingly slowly, fan favourite coffee-swilling FBI agent Dale Cooper is set to return, with Kyle MacLachlan picking up his badge once more in the role. [Deadline]