A Vape Hoodie for the Sporty Smoker

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Do you like looking like a nu-metal casualty? Do you smoke and/or vaporise? Don't we just have the garment for you. It's apparently the world's first vape/hoodie combo, and Fred Durst just bought eight.

The grammatically questionabe vapRwear hoodie is touted as being "discreet" and "inconspicuous," despite the big, grafitti-esque "vapRwear" printed across the chest, and despite the fact that you will be furiously sucking on your drawstrings and blowing out the resulting, vapoury wisps for all to see.

At least for now, the "secret" big ol' e-cig dangling around your neck will only work with e-juice, oil, or wax — though there is a "dry herb model" coming soon. A fact that the website follows with a nonsensical plea to "shred the gnar, jam with the band, [and] chill with your crew." Dope!

You, too, can wear your vaporiser around your body for the relatively ridiculous price of £66 and any remaining semblance of dignity. [vapRwear via BoingBoing]