Airport Parking in London is Often More Expensive Than the Flights

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dumping your car at an airport in and around London can cost more than the actual flight to somewhere warmer, with passengers paying £167 to park for a week at Heathrow -- or a staggering  £315 to leave a car at the more central City airport.

The maker of parking app Just-Park did the maths, finding that seven of the ten most expensive bits of airport tarmac to park on are in the UK. Sydney's Kingsford-Smith airport took third place by holding drivers hostage for the equivalent of £138 a week, with London Stansted the fourth costliest place to give your car a holiday at £133 per week.

Use its app to find somewhere cheaper and walk to the airport with all your bags, or get a bus, or a taxi, or use it as an excuse to stay at home seems to be what Just-Park is getting at. [Standard]

Image credit: Car park from Shutterstock