Alien 5 Will See Michael Biehn Return as Hicks

By Gerald Lynch on at

Has someone found and raided the folder on my computer called "Gerald's Dream Movie Pitches"? Because that's what it feels like the more and more I hear about Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5. While I'm already pretty confident that Neill Blomkamp's previous makes him a perfect fit for the gestating franchise, it now seems he's pulling together a dream cast for the sequel too; not only is Sigourney Weaver said to be onboard, but so is Michael Biehn.

Yep, the awesome Corporal Duane Hicks is back!

In a response to a post regarding a planned appearance at the Sheffield Film and Comc-Con in the UK, Biehn stated on his Instagram account that:

I’m not looking at scheduling conflicts with the Sheffield Comic Con, due to my contract for Aliens to begin filming during then.

That's as good as official confirmation as you're likely to receive for now, and will please fans of James Cameron's 1986 action-horror extravaganza Aliens, of which Biehn was one of the stars. With Hicks a fan-favourite character, many felt that Hicks's storyline was finished somewhat...abruptly, and certainly unsatisfactorily in 1992's Alien 3.

However, Blomkamp has been keen to stress that any Alien 5 storyline would lean on the strengths of Alien and Aliens, perhaps without even acknowledging the existence of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection. We may finally be about to see the Alien film the franchise has long deserved.