All Hail the 'Blade Runner' Model Makers Who Brought Ridley Scott's Vision to Life

By Matt Hill on at

Someone's uploaded 142 behind-the-scenes pictures to Imgur documenting the making of Blade Runner's finely crafted model buildings and vehicles. Yes indeed, those flying cars weren't actually flying – I know, mind blown.

Titled 'Blade Runner Model Shop', uploader 'MiniCity' says the images are scans of slides taken during the construction of the miniatures for the 1982 sci-fi classic, including such recognisable movie landmarks as Deckard's trusty Spinner above, which appears to be the dimensions of an oversized drone, and of course the Tyrell Corporation below.

It's an amazing insight into the painstaking effort that chief model maker Mark Stetson and his practical effects team of sculptors and crafts men and women went to creating the Los Angeles of 2019 sans-CGI, based on concepts by futurist Syd Mead.

As news of a sequel hots up, it's also worth remembering Ridley Scott's eye for detail for this kind of thing. When I interviewed him a few years ago, he pointed out that his opening shot of space in Alien was actually a black canvas he'd personally sprayed, Pollock-style, with paint for the stars, while Prometheus nailed 3D, if not necessarily coherent scripting, because so many of the sets were physical rather than CGI (yes again, they built that massive head altar thing).

With Blade Runner: The Final Cut hitting UK cinemas again from April 3 for a never unwanted lap of honour, it's almost as if someone planned it... Here are our picks of the images below, but see all the incredible talent and 'taches here.