All You Need is a 3D Printed Paul McCartney

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ageing rocker and third-best Beatle (after John and George, obviously), Paul McCartney is no stranger to a tech-y promo or two; last year he teamed up with Jaunt to offer up his fans a virtual reality Google Cardboard-powered gig, and was even the bizarrely-inappropriate choice to belt out the Destiny game's end theme.

It's that last job that brings us today's tech-infused Macca news. Head over to the website of the Wings frontman (only the band The Beatles could have been), where you can now grab hold of a file that lets you use your 3D printer (every home has one now, right? No?) to make an ickle McCartney for your desktop. The body scan of which the resulting 3D models are a facsimile was created as part of the promotion for the Destiny 'Hope for the Future' single release, but hadn't been made publically available until now.

Really though, Destiny devs Bungie and McCartney's press team are missing a trick here. Why stop at just a little, bland 3D printed Macca? Why not get him some 3D printable Destiny armour too? Or a little Yellow Submarine vehicle that he can drive about in? Or a figure of his new side-kick Kanye? And one of his arch-nemesis Heather Mills? There's a whole kid-friendly action figure range waiting to be exploited here! [ via The Register]