Amazon Fire TV Stick to Funnel Piping Hot Telly into UK HDMI Ports for as Little as £7

By Matt Hill on at

Remember Amazon's Fire TV set-top streaming box that made a subsidised play to sit under your telly last year? Well, now it's available in stick form.

Getting up in the US grills of Google and Roku since last autumn, the Amazon Fire TV Stick will launch in the UK on April 15, sailing on a raft of smart-device mirroring and familiar streaming and catch-up options, from its own Prime Instant Video subscription and rental service, to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Curzon Home Cinema and Sky News.

But the most intriguing part is the pricing menu. Although the HDMI plug-in dongle and Apple TV-like remote-control combo will be £35 at launch, for the next two days it's going for £19 if you already have Amazon Prime's £79-a-year streaming telly-cum-free deliveries (we'd argue it's kind of necessary if you're a) into the ecosystem or b) like us, have a terrible soft spot for Black Sails).

Still allergic to Prime? Well, if you overcome that and sign up, Amazon will give you a £12 refund, meaning you get the Fire TV Stick for just £7. It really wants you to sign up to Prime, it seems.

Boasting all the duals – dualcore processor, dual-band dual antenna and double the memory (1GB) of Google's Chromecast – the Fire Stick has 8GB storage for search-boosting and outputs in 1080p HD. Our US team reviewed it following its launch there last November and said it "makes tiny sacrifices for something that otherwise beats the competition to deliver something very, very good". Let's hope the UK's iteration lives up to it.