Android Phones Will (Eventually) Get USB Type-C Ports

By Gerald Lynch on at

Your next Android phone may come with the headline-grabbing USB Type-C connection. Google's Adam Rodriguez, during a video describing the company's new Chromebook Pixel, stated that the company was "very committed" to the new USB specification, and that in time you'd see it come to both Android phones, tablets and other Chromebooks.

Reversible and platform agnostic (meaning you'll see it in Apple devices as well as PC and Android), it's a slim-line port, capable of carrying USB 3.0 (and eventually 3.1) data speeds.

The widespread adoption of USB Type-C can only be a good thing, an industry standard that should mean we won't need a million different cables for different devices. However, its push forward may bring with it teething problems; used in Apple's super-slim new MacBook, it seems to have pushed out the much-loved MagSafe charging connection. [YouTube]