Apple Lets Facebook Into its Super-Secret Watch Development Hub

By Darren Orf on at

Facebook prepares itself for The Watch. Office 2016 is waiting for you to test drive it, and LG wants to go beyond the G series. All the stuff you missed yesterday, all in one place on BitStream.

Facebook, and other app developers, are secretly toiling away in Cupertino on Apple Watch apps. This is what that ultra-secretive process looks like. [Bloomberg]

You can now test drive Office 2016 for Mac...and you should...because it's great. [Office Blog]

Apps and Devices

Lollipop-equipped Sony phones were spotted at MWC...and they look a lot like KitKat-equipped Sony phones. [Spazioitech]

Shazam wants to do way more than just tell you what song is playing, it wants to also wants identify objects, too. Kind of like Firefly but not just on the crappy Fire Phone. [Reuters]

The Gmail app for iPhone now lets you reply and archive in the notifications centre. A much needed move if Google wants to stop haemorrhaging users to Outlook. [iTunes]


LG is saying that they're going to release a phone that will "stand above" the current G Series, their top-of-the-line smartphone. Let's see what they've got. [Slash Gear]

A rumour says Apple may offer personal engraving on the rumoured Apple Watch. Can mine say "No one's going to buy a big phone - Steve Jobs" [iphonote]

Google's wireless service may be coming this month, but it could only be for Google's Nexus 6. Is this a left over of Google's Android Silver ambitions? [WSJ]

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