Apple May be (Finally) Considering Waterproofing its iPhone

By Gerald Lynch on at

Fancy going for a swim with your iPhone in your trunks pocket? Or relaxing in the bath with an iPad? Go for it -- nothing's stopping you other than the prospect of having a £600 Apple branded brick lying about. If you'd like to do it confident in the knowledge that your gear will be safe, hold on; a newly uncovered Apple patent suggests that the company is considering adding waterproofing to the feature list of its future gadgets.

Rather than using a waterproof casing, the Apple patent describes a system in which the inner circuitry is coated in a hydrophobic layer that repels liquids. Spilling a drink over your tablet would literally be like water off a duck's back. If it could pull it off, it would have a minimal impact to the external designs of Apple products, which would no doubt keep Jony Ive happy.

Apple would be far from the first company to waterproof its smartphone and tablet products, with Sony and Samsung just two big-name rivals that already do similar. But the first waterproofed Apple device may be coming sooner than the patent listing suggests -- just last week CEO Tim Cook teased that he was wearing his Apple Watch in the shower, suggesting the soon-to-be-launched smartwatch would at least be splash-proofed. [9to5Mac]