Apple Quietly Fixed Critical Software Flaws While Its Watch Launched

By Gary Cutlack on at

While everyone was being excited/cynical about Apple's new Watch and that laptop with the one port, Apple pushed out a couple of security updates. Almost as if it was trying to bury bad news of past vulnerabilities.

The updates within iOS 8.2 and several versions of OS X both move to block the FREAK bug that was discovered recently, with Apple warning that the exploit "...may be able to execute arbitrary code" on Mac should the balaclava-wearing hacker have the required security access.

iOS 8.2, meanwhile, was accompanied by a warning that the previous version of Apple's mobile OS contained the flaw that: "A remote attacker can cause a device to unexpectedly restart," while also fixing buffer overflow errors in the iCloud Keychain and more potentially insecure holes. [iOS 8.22015-002, via The Register]