Apple Wants to Split Light For Future iPhone Cameras

By Gerald Lynch on at

For all the DSLRs and dedicated compact cameras out there, it's Apple iPhone that's the most used camera system in the world (well, it is at least going by Flickr's reliable upload statistics). As HTC is learning the hard way, camera tech is one of the most important mobile battlegrounds, and a new Apple patent shows that the Cupertino company is ready to bolster its defences with new technology is needed.

The patent (spotted by Apple Insider) describes a three sensor system, with each sensor capturing a separate colour area, split by a cube that would divide light into red, green and blue wavelengths, or any other colour combination Apple requires. This could lead to higher resolution snaps that suffer less from noise, as information would be captured per-pixel, rather than being reformed by algorithms.

Apple's only issue at the moment would be with space. The camera system described would be a relatively large and complex one, at least in relation to the existing systems employed by Apple's iPhone range. To benefit from the advanced camera technology, Apple would potentially have to make a trade-off against the size and thickness of future iPhones -- something designer Jony Ive isn't keen on doing even for the sake of battery life. [Apple Insider]