Apple Watch App Guidelines Encourage Limiting Use to 10 Second Bursts

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's app store guidelines for iPhone and iPad apps are notoriously strict, and it seems the company is continuing the trend with the Apple Watch. According to a report by Bloomberg, its smartwatch app guidelines will suggest applications for the Apple Watch be used for no longer than 10 seconds at a time.

Just enough time to die in Flappy Bird, then.

It's unclear yet why Apple is encouraging such short engagement time for the device. Cynics will point to rumours that the Apple Watch will have a woeful battery life, but it's not a concept that Apple is alone in exploring. Google's Android Wear, for instance, is built around the idea of "micro-interactions", with Timothy Jordan, Google developer adovocate, saying that the idea is to make the experience as "hands-off" as possible. After all, a smartwatch should help you see more of the real world and less of our gadget screens by offering up situation-aware notifications and information only as we require it.

Ahead of next week's expected Apple Watch reveal, the Bloomberg piece also reveals some of the developers working on apps for the device, including Facebook, BMW, United Airlines, Twitter, Pinterest, Evernote, Instagram, Todoist and the Starwood hotel chain. The level of secrecy around development sounds insane too; those working on apps at a facility at Apple's Cupertino HQ are unable to bring their own devices into labs, with internet access blocked in the room where development is taking place. [Bloomberg]