Apple Watch Strikes Back! All Your 'Spring Forward' Event News, Views and Hands-ons

By Matt Hill on at

Tim Cook and co unveiled the Apple Watch for a second time this evening, along with the expected apps, range of prices, and a date we can actually go buy one somewhere. There was also some fairly hefty MacBook news, too.

But, of course, we already knew a fair bit about Apple's first smartwatch as it was originally unveiled back in September last year – a rarity in this insta-release day and age of "here it is, and you can buy it next week" launches. Indeed, when I got to have a play around with one in a former life, I summarised thus:

Apple was unsurprisingly keen to play up its style and connected credentials, but we didn’t get much time to put the new S1 chip to the test, try Apple Pay or Siri (the latter is accessed via clicking the digital crown), see the extent to which it requires an iPhone to function (which we were told it does), or, of course, test the battery life, which Tim Cook and co stayed very quiet on indeed. The sheer lightness of the watch makes us wonder just how much stamina it’s packing, but we shall see. The headline news for now is this is a really good looking smartwatch that you could conceivably buy just as a watch, and, for now, that's a first. On the rest we'll have to wait.

We have a heap of news, views and hands-ons below that fill in some (if not all) of those gaps. It's everything announced this evening in one handy place and a nicely packaged timeline of reads to see how the Cupertino clock got here. Let us know what you think below or in our super-special chatroom…

Apple Watch

Everything We Think The Apple Watch Can Do

Apple Watch to Hit British Wrists on April 24 and Will Last 'All Day'
Tim Cook claims 18-hour battery life for first wearable that runs the price spectrum from £299 to £13,500. Read more >

Apple Watch Edition Hands-on: Only Time Will Tell
The only way to integrate a £13,500 smartwatch into your life is to live with it.
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Apple Watch Battery Breakdown: How Long Will It Last?
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The Many, Many Prices of the Apple Watch
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The Most Expensive Apple Watch Will Cost More Than £8,000
And you thought getting mugged for your iPhone was bad. Read more >

There's an Apple Watch Strap That Costs More Than Three Pebbles
And two Moto 360s, since you're asking. Read more >

18 Essential Apps for the Apple Watch
The best launch apps for Apple's spenny new sidekick. Read more >


Apple's New MacBook Hands-on: Gorgeous, Featherlight but a Bit Awkward
We get our mitts on the mean, gold, one-ported machine. Read more >

It's a Sad Day for Apple MacBook if USB-C Kills MagSafe
Invisible, functional, beautiful; MagSafe will be missed. Read more >

Here's the £65 Dongle You Need to Use the New MacBook With all Your Stuff
Oh god, it's happening again. Read more >

The New MacBook is Not What You Think
Before you get too excited, this is not a Retina Air. Read more >

The New MacBook is Apple's Attempt to 'Reinvent the Notebook'
Thinnest, lightest laptop yet. One port. Gold?! Read more >

The Old MacBooks are Also Getting Updated
Boosts for the Pro and Air lines, too Read more >

Other Stuff

Apple TV Now Costs Just £59 in the UK
At least something revealed tonight was affordable then. Read more >

Apple ResearchKit Will Use App Data to Beat Diseases
Your iPhone is now a medical research tool. Read more >

All the Very Personal Data ResearchKit Will Collect About You
Privacy is not the same as security. Read more >

Pre-Event News

How to Livestream Apple's Watch Event (Update Your Bloody Safari)
Yes, it always runs late, but if you're going to watch, don't leave sorting it out to the last minute. Read more >

Apple Watch Hands-on: So Much Potential in Such a Small Package
From our first-hand demo in Cupertino, it was pretty clear to see that Apple's smartwatch was well established to live up to its company's promises. Read more >

Tim Cook: Apple Watch will Ship in April
Expected release of March pushed back in earnings call. Read more >

The Apple Watch Has Already Won a Design Award
This year the International Forum gave out 47 gold awards of excellence, and the Apple Watch was one of two products in the telecomms category to receive one. Read more >

Apple Watch Was Going to Have Way More Health Features
Current sensor tech not quite up to scratch to meet fitness goals. Read more >

Report: the Apple Watch Will Only Last 2.5 Hours With 'Heavy' Use
Is this reason to be worried? Read more >

Apple Watch App Guidelines Encourage Limiting Use to 10 Second Bursts
Just enough time to die in Flappy Bird, then. Read more >

Why Apple Watch Edition Would Make Scrooge McDuck Cry
It may be 18 karat, but pawnbrokers may turn their noses up. Read more >

Apple Stores Will Be Outfitted With Special Safes for Gold Apple Watches
Well, expensive things require the utmost security. Read more >

How Apple Will Make Its Superstrong 'Apple Gold' for Watches
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