Ban This Click Filth! You Won't Believe What Clickbait Made This Hate List

By Matt Hill on at

The Media Blog has started a 'Clickbait Banned List' in the name of, well, people clicking on their site, we assume (bravo), but at least notionally seeking an end to the over-promising, under-delivering, social-serving headlines that now litter much of the internet. And what it did next will shock you…

Well, no it won't, obviously – it produced a strong, if fairly obvious list

  • Are these the most/best/funniest
  • Awkward moment
  • Awkward moment when
  • Best thing/tweet/email/selfie ever
  • Best thing you'll ever read/see
  • Broke the internet
  • Can you guess who/how/what
  • Cutest thing ever
  • Cutest thing you'll see
  • Doing it all wrong
  • Doing it wrong
  • Epic
  • Everything you knew about
  • Everything you know about
  • Everything you think about
  • Find out how/what/who/why
  • Funniest prank
  • Goes viral
  • Going viral
  • Guess what happens/happened/next
  • Guess who/which/how/what
  • His reaction is/will
  • Her reaction is/will
  • His response is/will
  • Her response is/will
  • Is this the world's best/worst/funniest/weirdest
  • Just broke the internet
  • Just won the internet
  • Prank
  • Response is amazing
  • Response was so
  • Response will amaze/shock/surprise
  • Seen to be believed
  • Than you think
  • That awkward moment
  • The weirdest
  • Things you won't believe
  • Things that should never
  • This
  • This actor/actress/cat/dog/pet
  • This happened
  • This is probably
  • This just happened
  • This selfie
  • This adorable
  • This amazing
  • What happens next will
  • What happened next will
  • What happens next is
  • What happened next is
  • Will blow your mind
  • Will restore your faith in humanity
  • Will shock you
  • Won the internet
  • Wrong your whole life
  • Wrong this whole time
  • You'll never believe
  • You'll never guess
  • You will never
  • You won't believe

Now, I'm fairly averse to this approach by nature, and I've had a quick flick through the Giz UK archives and we seem to be OK on most of these (*wipes brow, crosses chest*). But one person's clickbait is another one's rabbit hole.

Are any of these exclusions OTT? Are there any obviously irritating rope-a-dope tactics missing? Is this approach to headline writing an unavoidable side effect of modern publishing? And did this post just WIN THE INTERNET? Let us know down below…

Top Image Credit: Couple at home from Shutterstock