Become a Cat Photo Millionaire in EyeEm's Marketplace

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular mobile phone photographer hangout EyeEm has upgraded its life ambitions, adding an entire marketplace to its portal to help pro and am shooters sell their imagery.

To make it more attractive to the professional audience, the site has added the option of uploading photos from the desktop to its previously app-only tools, meaning people with expensive cameras and no imagination will now be able to pretend they're professional snappers too.

What's a bit odd is that this marketplace only works from the desktop site at the moment, a slightly strange decision for a mobile-friendly app. One thing amateurs will find baffling is the need for release forms to be submitted -- you can't snap women on the train and sell the results, as consent needs to be given to list and sell identifiable images.

EyeEm also claims it now has 13 million users, a decent enough pool from which to source trillions of photos of cats on laps. Access to the EyeEm Market is currently by invitation only, seeing as that's the way tech companies think is best to whip up a bit of hype. The US launch of the service is happening right now, with UK users getting to sell photos of their cats and sunsets within a couple of weeks. [Venturebeat]