BT Mobile Network Could Launch This Week

By Gerald Lynch on at

BT's long-awaited re-entry into the mobile network market is to take place this week, according to a report from The Telegraph.

Expected to be revealed on Wednesday, the service will be simply called BT Mobile, and will be offered first to BT's 7.6 million broadband customers. BT Mobile will leverage a wholesale deal made with EE, following BT's £12.5 billion buyout of the network which was finalised back in February. BT will essentially act as an MVNO, using network space owned by EE.

Undercutting 4G packages from O2, Vodafone and its own chums at EE, BT is expected to offer SIM-only deals, rather than entering into the complex business of handset contracts, which would require pricey inventory management and a high-street presence to really succeed. However, in an attempt to avoid cannibalising EE's offerings too much, tariffs when announced are unlikely to be massively cheaper than those of the big three networks.

Though BT Mobile is expected to launch quietly this week, the telecoms giant is likely to make a substantial marketing push around the close of the Premier League football season this summer. It'll then aggressively promote mobile bundle deals that will see its Pay TV services offered alongside broadband and fixed-line home phone packages too. [Telegraph]

Image Credit: BT London Telecom Tower from Shutterstock