Burger King Has Made a Perfume for Carnivorous Casanovas

By Gerald Lynch on at

While the fatty, salty smell of a fast-food burger joint may arouse your taste buds, could it inspire sexy results if turned into a perfume or aftershave?

Burger King Japan is banking on it. It claims to have made a new fragrance that smells just like its popular Whopper burger, and even comes with one of the burgers should your aftershave make you a salivating mess.

Before you go up in arms, grabbing your pitchfork for crimes against sensual smells, check the release date; the Flame-Grilled scent goes on sale on April 1st, so brings with it the distinct whiff of an April Fool's day marketing prank.


This wouldn't be the first time that Burger King has released a meat-themed fragrance, and one that you could actually buy and spray over yourself like some sort of carnivorous Casanova. Back in 2008 it put out a scent called Flame, which it put up for sale online and in Ricky's stores in New York City.

Thankfully that one, despite carrying the Burger King branding, didn't smell like an atomised King Meal, instead falling somewhere between an Axe, TAG and YSL fragrance, according to those that used it.

Still, it was accompanied by the following advert, seeing a bare-chested, masked Burger King mascot seducing his lady friend, which more than makes up for it in the creepy stakes: