Chainless Electric Folding Bike Promises Not to Get Oil on Your Work Trousers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The JIVR project wants to take bikes into the Tron-like world of 2015, where mechanical things are hidden and everything has iBeacon technology inside to make boasting about your puny three-mile rides on social media much easier.

For a relatively low price (for an electric bike) of £699 you can be one of the first to own the thing, which promises a modest 20 mile assistance range on just a 90 minute charge. That's not going to propel you around the country, but ought to be ideal for short commutes where you don't want to arrive (a) sweaty or (b) wearing lycra and with helmet hair.

The JIVR makers have stuck a 350W motor inside a sealed chassis where the chainless drivetrain is hidden from view, with the folded-up object small enough to fit under a desk -- and weighing 15kg. And of course you can plug your phone into it so you've got something to look at while dodging traffic.

Sadly the £699 entry level tier is only open to people living in and around San Francisco or London, plus buyers of the cheaper tiers have to promise to be an "ambassador" and do some tweeting about the owner experience. Which is probably quite hard to enforce once it's in your shed. [Kickstarter]