Congestion Charge Should Go Up in Line With London Pollution, Reckons Labour MP

By Gerald Lynch on at

So, the toxic smog cloud that's reportedly blown in from Europe laid to rest any chance of Londoner's seeing today's eclipse (and, by extension, ever within their lifetimes). While today's gloomy-skied problem is a relatively minor inconvenience, pollution in London is a serious concern, an issue that one Labour MP believes could be alleviated with changes to the Congestion Charge.

Labour mayoral candidate nomination and transport expert Christian Wolmar has laid down a proposal that would see the central London driving fee rise in line with daily pollution levels. Where the standard rate is £11.50, particularly scummy days could see the rate rise by a few pounds in order to keep cars off the streets and see air pollution levels decrease more quickly. A similar system has also seen success in Singapore, with 65 per cent of commuters now using public transport since being brought in there.[Standard]

Image Credit: Congestion Charge via Shutterstock