Cooking an iPhone 6 in a Lava Lamp is a Really Bad Idea

By Gerald Lynch on at

Shoot 'em, microwave 'em, taser 'em; for something that costs the best part of a month's wages, we sure do love torturing iPhones. It verges on creepy if you think about it too much, the tech equivalent of crowding around a paramedic at work. Will the poor little iPhone survive? Someone call the insurance company and make the appropriate arrangements.

This week's preferred method of iPhone destruction? Death by lava lamp. Let's be honest, this TechRax video can only end one way; very, very, very, very baldly;

Well, what did you really expect the outcome of that to be? That the lamp would fuse with the iPhone, become sentient and fly off to the moon, where it would spawn a race of AI lamp beings, each with Siri's voice and Jony Ive as their god? No, of course not. You just came to see fancy things get destroyed. Down with capitalism! And maybe to see a stupid person have a lava lamp blow up in their face. Down with people!

Still, if we learnt anything, it's that we now know where Ridley Scott got his acidic xenomorph blood for Alien -- that super gross stuff at the end is a dead ringer for the burning goo. [YouTube]