Doctors Successfully Transplant Human Penis

By Gary Cutlack on at

A patient has happily "regained all functions" in his penis after having a new one transplanted on, following the removal of his original unit three years previously due to complications that arose from a botched circumcision.

The 21-year-old man received his new private part last December in a nine-hour operation in South Africa, where a team of surgeons from Stellenbosch University and Cape Town's Tygerberg Hospital carried out only the second known penis transplant -- and the first to end in a successful long- term result. It works and he'll be able to have sex and everything, plus he'll be assisted by having quite an icebreaker and some impressive scars to show off.

Family concerns about donating a penis from a dead person means there's a lack of suitable donors for penises in South Africa, where a culture of dodgy circumcisions leaves men in the country unusually prone to losing their todgers. Surgeons currently have a waiting list of recipients in need of a replacement man part, and were able to convince the family of this donor to part with the dead man's part by promising to make a "penis-like appendage" from skin on the corpse of the donor. [Bloomberg]

Image credit: Penis from Shutterstock