Doctors to Start Prescribing Boilers, Insulation and Double Glazing

By Gary Cutlack on at

GPs in England will soon be able to prescribe you a warmer home, thanks to a £3m funding pledge that sets aside money to help those whose health issues are caused by living in damp, poorly heated housing.

The initial £3m of funding will be used to get the scheme running in England first of all, with energy secretary Ed Davey saying: "Talking to GPs and other health professionals, they get frankly fed up when they're just dealing with the symptoms and not the root cause. This all costs money, huge amounts of money, dealing with the blooming symptoms."

The hope being that, in a distant warmer future, the estimated  £1.5bn a year spent by the NHS on treating symptoms triggered by cold weather and fuel poverty could be cut by taking preventative measures. [Guardian]

Image credit: Boiler repair from Shutterstock