Dyson School of Design Engineering Will Suck the Dust Off Old Textbooks

By Gerald Lynch on at

Sir James Dyson, king of the vacuum cleaner, has donated £12m to Imperial College London for the formation of a new Dyson school for engineering.

Set to open later this year, the Dyson School of Design Engineering will sit on Exhibition Road in South Kensington (not far from Dyson's London HQ), in a building set to be purchased from the Science Museum.

The school, aiming to foster excellent design and technology talent on UK shores, will teach a four year MEng course in design engineering, with the first class taking place in October 2015. The curriculum has been collated with the help of Dyson's own engineers, with modules including patent application and intellectual copyright, combining technical and practical skills with lessons to expand creative thinking.

“We want to create engineers who are bold and commercially astute," said Dyson, with the £12m donation being the single-biggest one the James Dyson Foundation has made since its formation. "They will use their skills, nurtured in the Dyson School, to develop future technology that will catalyse Britain’s economic growth.”

“Design combines the best of technical expertise with creativity and the Dyson School of Design Engineering is uniquely placed to bring these together in its student experience and research," added Professor Alice Gast, president of Imperial College London.

"Imperial and Dyson passionately share a vision for educating engineers to elicit innovative thinking and problem solving. The James Dyson Foundation’s generous donation, along with Dyson’s industrial expertise, gives us the opportunity to create a world-leading school for a new kind of engineer to design the future.”

400 students will be able to design and prototype new ideas at the school, using industry-grade equipment. That's a relatively large number for what's sure to become an incredibly prestigious institution. [James Dyson Foundation]