Dyson's New Cordless Vacuum Cleaners' Motors Spin Five Times Faster Than Formula One Engines

By Gerald Lynch on at

While light and stylish, Dyson's range of cordless vacuum cleaners haven't quite had the suction power of its full-fat range. From today though, it's kitting out the line with its absurdly powerful V6 motor -- and popping it inside two brand new models, the Dyson V6 Absolute, and V6 Fluffy.

The V6, spinning at 110,000rpm (five times faster than a Formula One engine) makes the V6 Absolute Dyson's most powerful cordless ever. Complete with a separate cleaner head built for hard floors, its other Direct Drive cleaner head digs in deep to claw away at stains that have been trampled into surfaces. Dyson's class-leading filtration also features, with a post-motor filter that captures allergens and pushes out clean air to your home.

The (aw, adorable) paint-roller-like Fluffy on the other hand is designed to "simultaneously tackle debris big and small". In other words, where other cordless vacuum cleaners focus on either dust or your cornflake crumbs, the Fluffy is adept at picking up both.

Each cleaner head has also been revised by Dyson to make their edge casings as thin as possible, allowing you to pick up grime as close to the skirting boards as possible.

On sale from today, the Dyson V6 Absolute costs £499.99, while the Dyson V6 Fluffy will set you back £399.99. [Dyson]