EE Film Club is Your £1 Orange Wednesdays Replacement

By Gerald Lynch on at

EE, T-Mobile and Orange customers have a new movie-watching perk to indulge in as of March 30th, when the network conglomerate launches its EE Film Club service.

Partnering with streaming site customers will be to pick from "a wide range of films -- including new releases" and stream them for £1.

In order to take advantage of the offer, EE customers will have to text the word 'film' to number 141, after which they'll recieve a promotional code which can be redeemed Monday to Wednedsay at for a 48 hour rental. That text costs 35p itself though, so really you're getting a film for £1.35, all in. It's worth noting that's TV streaming options don't seem to be part of the deal, either.

EE Film Club replaces the popular Orange Wednesdays offer, which allowed users two-for-one cinema tickets (and was often paired with cheap meal deals, too) once a week, providing your were an Orange, EE or T-Mobile customer. It's last day was back on February 25th and, as one of the key perks to being signed up to the networks under the EE umbrella, customers have been waiting patiently to hear news of its replacement.

While it's a more affordable deal (even a single cinema ticket costs on average £10, before snacks and transport), it doesn't have quite the allure of going to see a brand new cinema release on the cheap.'s catalogue is a solid one, but its slightly-older wares won't be that appealing to those who are also Sky or Netflix customers. [EE]