EU Threatens Netflix, Amazon and the Rest With Geo-Blocking Ban

By Gary Cutlack on at

The European politicians seem to be targeting the massive online retailers and streamers with its latest policy announcement, suggesting that companies who restrict sales and content on a regional basis could be in trouble.

The changes have been outlined in the EU's Digital Single Market document, which wants to unify the region's digital content, saying that it " longer makes sense for each EU country to have its own rules for telecommunications services, copyright, data protection, or the management of radio spectrum."

Andrus Ansip, the VP for the Digital Single Market, said: "Let us do away with all those fences and walls that block us online. People must be able to freely go across borders online just as they do offline. Innovative businesses must be helped to grow across the EU, not remain locked into their home market."

The plan is to boost cross-border e-commerce. The EU says that only 15 per cent of online sales cross national borders, and it wants that to change. Which is probably great news for the people of Luxembourg.

It may also affect our Netflix listings, with the proposal specifically saying that "geo-blocking" to restrict content should be stopped, with the EU's policy makers saying: "Such discrimination cannot exist in a Single Market." [Digital Single Market]