Even a Simple Non-Charging Apple Watch Stand is Bloody Expensive

By Matt Hill on at

With the Apple Watch now definitely coming to these shores on a particular date, we are officially on the precipice of an accessory volcano. And if Apple aren't charging us through the teeth for them, then third parties are happy to get in on the action.

And one of the nicer looking ones we've seen so far is the HiRise, by slick accessory firm Twelve South, whose designers have made the Griffin iTrip and DLO Homedock in the past. The HiRise is a suitably angular stand to show off whatever of Apple's three smart timepieces and the many, many straps you choose to stump up for in rather elegant style on your desk/beside table/posh toilet cistern.

Very nice indeed, and available in any colour you want as long as it's black (or silver). Although, it's worth pointing out that this doesn't actually charge your Apple Watch of its own accord, instead utilising the MagSafe-esque magnetic charging clasp that already comes packed in with your iWearable, running its wires neatly round its minimalist behind.

So it's a designer declutterer, then, rather than a dock, which kind of makes the £45 price fairly hefty all told. But, then, if you're in the Apple Watch gang, you better get used to that.