Facebook Wants to Speed Up Mobile Load Times By Hosting Other Websites' Stuff

By Gerald Lynch on at

So many "Top 20 Cat Dancing" posts, so little time. Scrolling through a well kept Facebook newsfeed can be an exercise in distraction tracking, with so many posts vying for your attention. In the case of external links, you may gloss over them altogether when on a mobile, knowing that your 3G or 4G connection can be too patchy to pull them up quickly.

Facebook wants more control over these links shared on its social network. According to The New York Times, it's talking to at least six major news outlets in an attempt to broker a deal that would let the social network host websites' content natively. These sites include The New York Times itself, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post and National Geographic. The idea would be that these websites' pages could be optimised to load speedily within Facebook's apps, without you ever needing to jump out to the external sites themselves.

As you can imagine, it seems few of these sites are taking kindly to the suggestion. With so many relying on advertising, and Facebook still not great when it comes to revenue or traffic data sharing, there's not much in it for the news organisations. Facebook will argue that these posts will receive greater reach, seen by more people as the social network favours the natively-hosted content in people's newsfeeds over other stuff. However, until a solid financial incentive can be settled on, don't expect to see this rolling out any time soon. [The New York Times]