'Fear The Walking Dead' Spin-Off Trailer Shambles Through the Zombie Outbreak's Early Days

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ever wondered how all those skin-peeling, flesh eating zombies made it out into the world in The Walking Dead? It looks like we may soon be able to find out -- a new prequel spin-off series called Fear The Walking Dead is set to release at the end of the summer, and looks set to tell the story of the earliest days of the undead apocalypse.

To whet your appetite for more spilt blood and heartbreak, US cable network AMC has revealed the first teaser trailer for the show, embedded below, which aired last night as part of the series five finale to the core show:

Marginally less-grim times on show there -- you can be sure that won't last long.

British actor Frank Dillane, who played Tom Riddle in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, and former Treme star Kim Dickens are set to star, with the show focussing on the effects of the outbreak in Los Angeles.

The first series of Fear the Walking Dead will be made up of six episodes, and has The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman onboard as its co-creator. So hopefully this will compliment rather than confuse the comic book line that spawned the franchise.

A second series has already been commissioned and will follow this summer's debut, kicking off in 2016. It's length has yet to be determined -- AMC is likely testing the water of the spin-off's popularity before committing too deeply.