Cyanogen Sharpens its Claws and Slashes at the Competition

By Darren Orf on at

Unreal Engine is now free, Cyanogen wants to "slaughter" Samsung and Qualcomm battles on. Read the latest techy news on today's BitStream bulletin.

Cyanogen CEO Kirk McMaster has a taste for making bold statements. First, he wants to "take Android Away from Google" and now he says that in five years, Samsung will be "slaughtered". [Business Insider]

Apps and Devices

  • The most popular gaming engine in existence, Unreal Engine 4, just became absolutely free. Go forth, and create the game of your dreams. [Unreal Engine]
  • Despite losing Samsung as a major partner, Qualcomm is relentlessly forging ahead with an even more powerful processor—the Snapdragon 820. [Qualcomm]
  • The private beta for OS X 10.10.3 is now available. Go try that new photos app, and celebrate the death of iPhoto.
  • Google Plus as we know it is dead, but it'll be back and (hopefully) better than ever. [Google+]

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