GAME Now Has a 'Marketplace' for Third-Party Sellers

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's been a hard-fought struggle for videogame retailers GAME, which stared into the financial abyss a few years ago to claw back a stable business. It's still fighting hard to match the selling might of Amazon however, and has today taken a leaf out of its competitor's book; GAME now has a 'Marketplace' for third-party sellers, just like Amazon does.

The GAME Marketplace lets independent merchants sell clothes, smartphones, books, gaming memorabilia and classic retro titles that don't conflict with GAME's core business, through GAME's online storefront. GAME, obviously, takes a cut.

At present, GAME is limiting sales to just around 40 merchants, allowing it to police the transactions until users trust the new service. Once its reputation has built, GAME will presumably open the floor to all comers, letting those that would otherwise bring their wares to Computer Exchange or Amazon put them up for grabs on its 'Marketplace' instead. Afterall, that's a couple more quid in GAME's bank account, even if it's not a direct sale for the company.

It's a second ambitious move by the retailer in a month, with GAME also splashing out £20 million to snap up British company Multiplay, the live and online eSports hosting specialists. [MCV]