Gamers Pay For PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne With Their Actual Blood

By Gerald Lynch on at

Danish players prepared to spill some actual blood are in for a horror-twinged gaming treat. If money's tight and the PlayStation 4's exclusive Bloodborne game tempts, gamers in Denmark can pay for the spiritual-successor to the Dark Souls series with their blood.

Well, they can give blood for a charitable cause, at least, to win the chance at picking up the game for free. PlayStation Denmark has teamed up with GivBlood to encourage Danish males to donate. The country is currently struggling from a dearth of male blood donors, and while female donors won't be turned away, it's the blokes that the promotion is targetting most. Not a bad incentive to support a good cause by any means then, with a Bloodborne-themed PS4 also up for grabs alongside copies of the game.

Those that are interested will need to make their way to Copenhagen's IT University on March 23rd, between midday and 5pm. [Eurogamer]