Government Plans to TXT U About Registering to Vote

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Electoral Commission has come up with a new way to get young people to register to vote -- texting them. Perhaps by the 2025 election it'll be Snapchatting them photos of the genitals of prospective candidates.

The EC is using mobile data from (O2, Vodafone and EE venture) Weve to target voters under the age of 24, with SMS reminders to register to vote before 20 April being issued to young folk across the country. With 85 per cent ot the youth demographic said to own a smartphone and less than half of the country's 18-24s voting at the last general election, it's hoped text messages with links to the registration page may get the kids excited about voting.

According to the Electoral Commission's data there's some serious confusion about how voting works. It says 21 per cent of people who rent a home think that getting a council tax bill with their name on means they're registered to vote, with 60 per cent of people who've moved house in the last year still not signed up.

This year, you can do it all online for the first time in a general election, if you can be bothered to work out the differences between all the people promising to make life better as a result of you voting for them. [The Register, The Drum]