Headteachers May Call Police if Your Child is Playing Grand Theft Auto

By Gerald Lynch on at

Exposing children to games inappropriate to their age could see parents contacted by the police and social services.

The Nantwich Education Partnership, a collective of 15 primary schools and one secondary academy in Cheshire has issued the warning after finding its pupils had been present when adult-orientated games had been on, or even had been found playing them, calling out Grand Theft Auto, Gears of War and Call of Duty specifically.

Also pointing a finger at social networking apps Facebook and Whatsapp, the collective's head teachers stated that exposure could lead to “early sexualised behaviour” and leave children “vulnerable to grooming for sexual exploitation or extreme violence”.

“If your child is allowed to have inappropriate access to any game or associated product that is designated 18+, we are advised to contact the police and children’s social care as this is deemed neglectful," reads a letter sent to parents.

It's always a tough one, policing anything with an age rating. I know that I was certainly playing games and watching films inappropriate for my age as a youngster, but I think I've turned out fairly stable. On the other hand, I'd never let my young nephews sit around while the infamous GTA 5 torture scene played out. That'd just be wrong.

However, it's gaming once again being held up as the sign of Britain's broken moral compass, and unfairly so. Would the same teachers report a child bragging of catching an episode of adult-orientated Game of Thrones? Or the latest Expendables film? Hmm.