Here is the New Twelve-Sided One Pound Coin

By Gerald Lynch on at

See that up there? That's fifteen-year-old David Pearce's winning £1 coin design, set to jangle in your pockets for at least the next couple of decades.

Picked from more than 6,000 entries, Pearce's design includes a rose, leek, thistle and shamrock, taking in the flora of each United Kingdom state.

Set to go into circulation in 2017, it's the first time the pound coin design has been replaced in over 30 years, and will be the most secure coin in the world.

The coin makes use of the Royal Mint's new (and unfortunately named) iSIS security system, designed to prevent counterfeiting and boost the economic reputation of the country. You can read all about it in our guide here, but in a nutshell, not only is the 12-sided coin shape harder to duplicate, but the coins will also have a discrete layer embedded inside them that can be scanned and verified for authenticity electronically.

As for the design itself, though it's getting a touch-up by renowned coin artist David Lawrence and lettering expert Stephen Raw, it will remain otherwise almost identical to the original submission that Pearce made as part of the coin competition. It's not many people who can say they've got a place in the nation's pocket alongside the Queen's head, so the teenager must be feeling pretty chuffed today.